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Practice Listening Test

Here is a link to a practice listening test. The sound quality is OK, and it has the full 40 questions.

General Writing

Here are some samples of letters for the IELTS test.

All Things Grammar-Related

Here is a site with lots of instruction and practice in grammar and grammar terms.

Spelling Resources

Here are a few places to go to work on your spelling: (This one is from Oxford Dictionary. It has various areas of instruction to help you understand English spelling.) (This site has a lot of practical practice with answers.) (This website has a variety of practice and games to help you improve your spelling, including specific problems like l/r.)


Common Errors

Here’s a link to some common English mistakes and how to fix them.

Writing resource

If you are not sure how to structure an essay, this might help. It allows you to put in your main ideas to get an organized outline, and then you can use the outline to write an essay. Of course, on your real exam, you will need to make your own on paper 🙂

Australian Accents

Some IELTS candidates have trouble understanding the Australian accent. Here is a link to TEDx videos, some from Australians, that you can check out:

And then there’s this little video of a Canadian and an Australian comparing their pronunciation:


Interesting TED Talk

Here is an interesting TED talk about the use of language and what it says about us.

Phrasal Verbs

Here is a link to some useful phrasal verbs.

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