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Online Practice Tests

Here is a list of sites with online practice tests. I haven’t checked them all personally, but take a look and leave a comment if something does not work.



More vocabulary building

The vocabulary that you need for IELTS will vary depending on the subject matter. Here are two websites that give you some good information.

This one has 20 adjectives to start with. They are quite good, but there is no practice so you need to practice on your own in order to remember them properly.

This one has a variety of topics. It gives the word and definition, and there is a link to listen to her read the information with a clear British accent. There is practice using the words at the bottom.

British Accents

I know that a lot of students have trouble with the British accent. In order to understand better, the best thing you can do is practice! Here is a Youtube channel that has some documentaries similar to listening part 2 or 4:

Anything from the BBC is pretty good. There is lots on Netflix as well if you have a subscription.


On the IELTS test, you must be able to paraphrase for your writing test (and a little bit for your speaking test). Additionally, understanding paraphrase is essential for listening and reading.

Here is some practice:


Practice Listening Test

Here is a link to a practice listening test. The sound quality is OK, and it has the full 40 questions.

General Writing

Here are some samples of letters for the IELTS test.

All Things Grammar-Related

Here is a site with lots of instruction and practice in grammar and grammar terms.

Spelling Resources

Here are a few places to go to work on your spelling: (This one is from Oxford Dictionary. It has various areas of instruction to help you understand English spelling.) (This site has a lot of practical practice with answers.) (This website has a variety of practice and games to help you improve your spelling, including specific problems like l/r.)


Common Errors

Here’s a link to some common English mistakes and how to fix them.

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