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November 2015


The IELTS Official Youtube channel has preparation advice and a variety of speaking tests with band scores.


This site provides academic-style vocabulary on 17 different topics.

There are words, collocations and phrasal verbs in context and with definitions.


This site is basically a huge list of commonly misspelled words – 240 all together!

Advanced Grammar

This site has more advanced grammar instruction.

It contains information on conditionals, relative pronouns, gerunds & infinitives, and more.

More Basic Grammar

This site is slightly more straightforward. Basic grammar concepts are listed, starting with parts of speech and moving on from there.

Basic Grammar

This site has a lot of good information and practice exercises related to basic grammar.

Start with Grammar Lessons and then check your understanding at Grammar Exercises.


IELTS Simon provides a lot of good advice about the exam.

He gives many sample answers for the writing test, as well as other important advice and information.

British Council IELTS

British Council IELTS YouTube site

This YouTube channel has many videos with useful tips and pieces of information about the IELTS exam.

For example: 

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