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September 2016

Writing Task 1 Examples

This website has a lot of examples of everything, really. It’s not all worthy of a band 9, but there is some good information. This example is quite strong, although the use of paragraphs is not completely logical.

Writing Task 2 Linking Words

Here is a table with some nice linking words and phrases for your essay.

A big help when making an essay:

Writing Task 1 Vocabulary

Here is a table with some useful vocabulary for describing trends. (Avoid “go up” and “go down” by using more academic words)



This page has a beautiful list of precise adjectives to use instead of using very and something basic. It is useful for speaking and writing.

Linking words

This is a table of linking words to use in your writing. Some of them are also appropriate for speaking, but these are not indicated in the table, so do some research!


This is a page that has some corrections of mispronunciation of common words that you may want to use on your test. Take a look:

Verb tenses

This is a link to a really great table with all of the verb tenses in English. You’ve got examples in the affirmative, negative and interrogative. Really great stuff.


Here is a great infographic showing how to use difficult prepositions.

Plural Nouns

Here is a link to some good information about irregular plural forms. Check it out.

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