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On the IELTS test, you must be able to paraphrase for your writing test (and a little bit for your speaking test). Additionally, understanding paraphrase is essential for listening and reading.

Here is some practice:



Common Errors

Here’s a link to some common English mistakes and how to fix them.

Tips for Reading

Reading and more

I was recently asked to add information about improving your reading score. Here is a video by IELTS Simon that summarises some main ideas:

As well, here are other videos (some free, some not) that will be helpful:

They’re a bit dry, but they have good advice.


The IELTS Official Youtube channel has preparation advice and a variety of speaking tests with band scores.


IELTS Simon provides a lot of good advice about the exam.

He gives many sample answers for the writing test, as well as other important advice and information.

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