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More vocabulary building

The vocabulary that you need for IELTS will vary depending on the subject matter. Here are two websites that give you some good information.

This one has 20 adjectives to start with. They are quite good, but there is no practice so you need to practice on your own in order to remember them properly.

This one has a variety of topics. It gives the word and definition, and there is a link to listen to her read the information with a clear British accent. There is practice using the words at the bottom.

Phrasal Verbs

Here is a link to some useful phrasal verbs.

Writing Task 1 Vocabulary

Here is a table with some useful vocabulary for describing trends. (Avoid “go up” and “go down” by using more academic words)



This page has a beautiful list of precise adjectives to use instead of using very and something basic. It is useful for speaking and writing.

Plural Nouns

Here is a link to some good information about irregular plural forms. Check it out.

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