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If you are not sure how to structure an essay, this might help. It allows you to put in your main ideas to get an organized outline, and then you can use the outline to write an essay. Of course, on your real exam, you will need to make your own on paper 🙂


Australian Accents

Some IELTS candidates have trouble understanding the Australian accent. Here is a link to TEDx videos, some from Australians, that you can check out:

And then there’s this little video of a Canadian and an Australian comparing their pronunciation:


Interesting TED Talk

Here is an interesting TED talk about the use of language and what it says about us.

Phrasal Verbs

Here is a link to some useful phrasal verbs.

Essay vocabulary

Here are two sites that may help you with essay writing, specifically focusing on vocabulary.

This page focuses on cohesive devices:

This site has a couple word lists you can download and suggestions on how to use them:

Writing Task 1 Examples

This website has a lot of examples of everything, really. It’s not all worthy of a band 9, but there is some good information. This example is quite strong, although the use of paragraphs is not completely logical.

Writing Task 2 Linking Words

Here is a table with some nice linking words and phrases for your essay.

A big help when making an essay:

Writing Task 1 Vocabulary

Here is a table with some useful vocabulary for describing trends. (Avoid “go up” and “go down” by using more academic words)



This page has a beautiful list of precise adjectives to use instead of using very and something basic. It is useful for speaking and writing.

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