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Australian Accents

Some IELTS candidates have trouble understanding the Australian accent. Here is a link to TEDx videos, some from Australians, that you can check out:

And then there’s this little video of a Canadian and an Australian comparing their pronunciation:


Interesting TED Talk

Here is an interesting TED talk about the use of language and what it says about us.

Phrasal Verbs

Here is a link to some useful phrasal verbs.

Essay vocabulary

Here are two sites that may help you with essay writing, specifically focusing on vocabulary.

This page focuses on cohesive devices:

This site has a couple word lists you can download and suggestions on how to use them:

Writing Task 1 Examples

This website has a lot of examples of everything, really. It’s not all worthy of a band 9, but there is some good information. This example is quite strong, although the use of paragraphs is not completely logical.

Writing Task 2 Linking Words

Here is a table with some nice linking words and phrases for your essay.

A big help when making an essay:

Writing Task 1 Vocabulary

Here is a table with some useful vocabulary for describing trends. (Avoid “go up” and “go down” by using more academic words)



This page has a beautiful list of precise adjectives to use instead of using very and something basic. It is useful for speaking and writing.

Linking words

This is a table of linking words to use in your writing. Some of them are also appropriate for speaking, but these are not indicated in the table, so do some research!

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